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Hellfire *****
I think this should be the first 5 points for anyone. It makes your Hellfire Breath a .3 second cast time. The improvement is awesome and you don't have to worry about casting concentration anymore. A big dps boost and it makes it much easier to use.

Flame Tongue ***
This was underwhelming for me. The damage is minimal, often not even an entire point of fire damage being added to your attacks, and the duration is short. I think the duration should be upped to 10 seconds or so. As it stands if you don't use HFB every cooldown you lose the stack. I'm mostly taking it for Fury of Xotli.

Xotli's Vengeance ***
Fairly weak so far. It's nice to have two proccing buffs, but it only adds a few points of fire damage to your spells. Even at 44 I'm only getting about +8 spell damage from three points.

Improved Word of Command ****
Extends the range decently, mostly a pvp talent and also a point sink. Good in pvp, not a big difference in pve.

Fury of Xotli *****
Excellent, procs a lot and especially useful once you get HFB 2 which costs a lot of mana. Essentially a free 250+ mana proc on a lot of melee swings. Worth getting Flame Tongue.

Touch of Hell **
Not a very noticeable talent. It adds a 5% slashing and fire damage debuff to enemies you attack on a 1 minute re-use timer. For 1 more point you can make your attacks reapply the debuff. I could see it being good for raids but in normal leveling it doesn't make much difference and it's almost useless in pvp.

Flame Lash ***
Flame Lash is a decent attack. The Flame Lash effect procs on roughly half of your melee hits hit except Combos, but the damage on Flame Lash is pretty underwhelming especially at 10 stacks. Mid 30s it was doing around 50 dmg twice like Hell Strikes at 1 stack, and around 250 each at 10 stacks. Upper left only and fairly fast, so it's kind of like a second Hell Strikes. The stamina cost is kind of high though, 165 to Hell Strikes 72.

Undying Glory of Xotli ***
Could be a lot better. It's mainly useful for saving yourself a trip every once in a while. You cast the buff, then when you die, wait a bit and it will say "_your character_ wants to resurrect you", you click res, you go to a loading screen and then appear back on your body. Then it has a 30 minute cooldown. It also makes the cooldown even if you res at another area.

Thundering Flames *BUGGED*
Sounds like it should be an awesome talent but it is currently bugged and does not work at all from everything I have seen. Petition GMs about this because we REALLY need it for pvp.

Inferno ****
A nice talent for grouping. 1 minute cooldown, 350 mana. A short cast time spell which then gives you a buff that does AOE damage. With 10 stacks at level 44 mine was doing 80-100 damage every 2 seconds to all mobs within range, which is 6 meters. Not as useful for soloing or pvp from what I have seen.

Horrible Visage of Xotli *****
Very nice, the stun is 5 seconds with 3 points. It definitely adds a whole new level to our transform ability. Great for pvp, and in PvE it's nice because Demon Form actually starts healing a decent amount of hp. It saves us from the whole "oh ****, demon form, whoops I'm dead anyway" thing.

Molten Flesh ****
No mana, .5 second cast time, 10 second duration, 45 second cooldown. It makes fire damage heal you and does damage to mobs that hit you.

The damage with two points is quite nice, around 85 damage to every mob that hits you. Combine this with Desecrating Essence and normal mobs drop very fast. Plus it's free and nearly instant cast with a very short cooldown. Really no downside.

Renewed Exultation of Xotli ***
At 45 you get Exultation of Xotli. It adds 15% damage for 10 seconds with a recast time of 25 seconds. The downside is you get a 10% damage penalty for 15 seconds afterwards. Renewed Exultation takes 5 seconds off of that. Decent for one point.

Insanity of Xotli ****
Your AOE stun (Horrible Visage of Xotli) now drains stamina and mana from all targets. A very nice talent for pvp, decent for pve.

Mine currently drains 4 ticks of 115 stamina/mana each.

There is currently a bug where it sometimes drains YOUR stamina instead of the enemies.

Burning Words ****
Adds 300-400 fire damage to your Word of Command spell. The damage from Burning Words does not break roots, so it's the only damage you can do to a rooted enemy. 4 points for solo and PvP use.


Fiery Weapons *****
Fiery Weapons results in a large increase in melee damage overall. The effect procs roughly 15% of the time. The Fiery effect can't crit as far as I can tell. Just think of it as a 20-25% bonus to your normal melee damage.

Despite what you may read, it DOES show damage numbers and it shows in the combat log as well, however I could see it getting lost fairly easily in big fights. Try going to a single mob and just spamming melee, you will see extra numbers.

Improved Fiery Weapons ****
It adds a good damage improvement to your Fiery Weapons and adds Fiery Weapons for your whole group. Putting one point in it is almost essential, but after that the value drops into only "really good" as it continues to add about 20% more damage a point with 40% for the last point.

Spreading Flames ***
Your Burn to Death DOT damage has a chance to spread to nearby enemies. Sounds amazing, but currently the damage spread is only about 1/3rd of the original damage. Still, not bad.

Demonic Fortitude *
Needs scaling very badly. Currently (at level 51) it gives 69 stamina (not even enough for 1 combo) for 122 mana, on a 15 second cooldown. If it gave something like 400 stamina for 200 mana it would be worth it. Do not waste points on this.

Demonic Leech *****
Restores roughly 600 mana for every mob hit by Body and Spirit wrack. However it actually drains much less, only about 170.

If your mana pool is only down 700 and you hit two mobs, it will show 600 restored and 100 restored.

Rage of Xotli ****
A solid damage increase to Hell Strikes, +20% damage. A good boost to one of our fastest refreshing lowest stamina moves.

Mindless Brute ****
Adds roughly 15% more hp. Mine currently adds 240 bringing my total up to 2000. Does help with squishiness, however later on the rating may go down if it doesn't scale with gear.

Flame of Xotli *****
A solid damage increase to Burn to Death. Burn to Death is a great combo, don't underestimate because the initial damage is mediocre. There's a high damage dot after that makes it one of our strongest combos.

Reaching Flames ***
The range of Pillar of Infernal Flame is already pretty high. For solo PvE or PvP you will probably see almost no noticeable difference. For PvE or group PvP it would be nice to have.

Demonic Supplication ***
Increases the length of your next Desecrating Essence by 45 seconds or Avatar of Xotli by 20 seconds. It is instant cast and lasts 2 minutes, so you can preemptively use it.

Downsides are a long 15 minute cooldown and a high mana cost. It's rare for situation where you would ever need to transform that long, but it's not bad to have.

Blood Pit *** *BUGGED*
Currently bugged. It almost never spawns on minion kills from I Eat Your Heart. The Blood Pit lasts roughly 30 seconds and adds Health Regen to everyone in your party nearby. The range is farther than melee range. A bit farther than you can hit a mob with HFB.

Fortunately, the spawn rate on normal kills is fairly high. (I estimate 20% or so). It's possible it doesn't spawn at all on IEYH minion kills and is only spawning from their deaths like any other normal mob. For one point it's worth having, though. If you fight groups it spawns a lot and the heal is not insignificant, comparable to a potion.

Ether Thirst **
The mana is still fairly insignificant. It's also tied to Demonic Fortitude which is trash.

Fire Lance ****
I don't think any spell can live up to the hype Fire Lance has, but it comes close.. Don't expect insane damage on normal targets, mine hits roughly 500-600 x 4 on most even level mobs or players, depending on armor. The "huge" damage numbers people are posting are from hitting much lower level mobs or players and getting spikes.

It will not make the class into a pvp giant, but it is very good.

Personally I would prefer if the damage were lowered slightly and the cooldown and stamina cost reduced significantly. I would rather it was a moderate cooldown useful combo than an "I win button" that you can use every 3.

Wrath of Xotli ****
A 50% damage increase in the aoe aura of Desecrating Essence. Hopefully this applies to Avatar of Xotli too or the score will go down.
Improved Burning Skull **
Suffers from the weaknesses of Burning Skull. Mainly too high of a mana cost, too short a duration, and doesn't proc enough. Molten Flesh is so much better. For 1 point it's not completely horrible and if you like Burning Skull it might be worth it.

Demon Within *****
A 12 second increase to the length of Desecrating Essence. That's nearly 50% more time. A very solid talent which synergizes well with the other talents that buff our demon form nearby. "

(contributed to AoC Forums by player named 'Silk')

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